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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy – Disclosure – Articles 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 2016/679

1. Controller of data processing

EAHAD, headquartered in Brussels, Cours Saint Michel, 30b, in the persons of the pro-tempore legal representatives, domiciled at the company headquarters, are joint Controllers, pursuant to art. 26 of the GDPR, for processing of your personal data, and inform you, here below, regarding the method, purpose and scope of communication and dissemination of your personal data and your rights, in conformity to EU Regulation 2016/679 and to the applicable norms regarding protection of personal data.

The Controllers can be contacted at the above addresses or by sending an e-mail to

2. Type of data, Purpose and method of data processing

With reference to the navigation experience of this site, portal and/or platform (herein after “site”), EAHAD processes the following data:

Navigation data
During the course of their normal operations and for the duration of the connection, information systems and software procedures responsible for the operation of this site acquire some data communication of which is implicit in the use of communication protocols on Internet.

This information is not collected for the purpose of associating it to the users; however, due to their very nature, could through processing and association with data held by the Controllers or third parties allow identification of the users. These data are deleted a few hours after processing.

This category is comprised of IP addresses or names in the computer domain used by the users who connect to this site, the addresses in the Uniform Resource Identifier, the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used when submitting a request to the server, the size of the file obtained in answer, the numeric code indicating the status of the answer provided by the server (success, error, etc) and other parameters pertaining to the operating system and to the computer environment of the user.

These data may be used by the Controllers for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information regarding the use of the site in order to identify pages preferred by the users and in order to provide increasingly adequate contents and to verify proper operation. The data could be used to ascertain responsibility in case of hypothetical computer-related crimes which damage the site.

To improve the navigation experience, this site uses cookies and/or markers which technically are information packets sent by a web server (in this case by this site) to the user’s browser or are memorized by the latter on their own devices and automatically sent back to the server during each subsequent access to the site. In order to learn about the types and purposes of the cookies used by the site and to show one’s own preference regarding the use of the cookies, please consult the Cookie policy published on the home page of this site.

Personal data voluntarily provided by site users/visitors
The personal data provided by you through this site, necessary to access certain services, will be processed by the Controllers for the sole purpose of providing said services and will be kept for the amount of time required for their execution and will be deleted if it is no longer necessary to fulfil contractual or legal obligations and, therefore, should it be necessary, also for the purpose of managing possible disputes and complaints. In conformity to art. 9 of the GDPR particular categories of data are not required for navigation and for the implementation of services, with the exception of what you may indicate in regards to any potential food preferences or intolerances in the registration form on the site which will be processed with the sole scope of customizing the requested service.

The data will not be disseminated but could be communicated, if necessary for the provision of the service or to carry out the activities, to Societies that perform tasks of a technical or organizational nature necessary to provide the requested services, as specified in the specific disclosures for the single services/events.

Following the required registration for the requested service, should you want to request/use other services or other activities, you can use the credentials (user name/mail/password) already used for the first time registration. If necessary you will be asked to provide additional data required for the provision of more requested services.

During the browsing and interaction with the site, portal and/or platform you may find links that bring to exhibitors and third parties (which will be autonomous controllers) stand and/or Symposia. Clicking on these links you may be requested to insert your e-mail. If you consent to give your e-mail, the latter will be processed by joint and autonomous Controllers for their purpose of dissemination and promotion of information material relating to activities and services that may be of any related interest.

During the browsing and interaction with the site, portal and/or platform you may find exhibitors/third parties links. Once you click on these links which will bring you outside the site the site, portal and/or platform, the Joint Controllers won’t be responsible for your following Navigation Data and of any other consequent consent you will give to exhibitors/third parties.

Data conferment is necessary to provide the services of this site. Should it be necessary to obtain proper consent for provision of the service, in conformity to the law and to the GDPR, this will be requested by a specific and suitable disclosure.

Your data will be processed with the support of computer and electronic methods and is protected by means of adequate security measures which are suitable to guarantee confidentiality and the dignity of those involved in processing.

In particular, the above Controllers of data processing have adopted and adopt organizational measures (assignment of roles and responsibility for implementing the activity and carrying out controls) and procedural and technical measures (firewall, antivirus and other advanced technologies) which are appropriate to protect your data against loss, theft and use, dissemination or unauthorized modification.

EAHAD will process the above-mentioned navigation data (anonymous) for the purpose of monitoring the technical operation and the performance of the site, to better understand how to improve the services and make them evolve.
These data are necessary to guarantee a successful navigation experience.

These data are used for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information regarding the use of the site and to verify its proper operation, as best explained in the Cookie Policy published on the home page of this site.

Should the Controllers need to communicate your personal data to third parties (for example, regarding the services for which you are registered), they will proceed as autonomous Controllers or will be nominated as Processors of processing.

Furthermore, your data could be communicated to subjects, institutions or authorities if such data communication is required by law.

3. Rights

You can access all the information that concerns you at any time and can request updates, changes and integration as well as deletion, transformation into an anonymous form or request that it be blocked. You can oppose processing in full or partly; should opposition be expressed provision of the service will become impossible.

In order to exercise these and other rights as specified under articles 15-22 of the GDPR you can write to the Controllers at the above addresses or send an email to

You have the right to oppose processing of your data as well as presenting a complaint to the Authority for the protection of personal data according to Art. 77 of the EU Regulation 2016/679.

4. Modification and updates

In the course of time this disclosure could undergo changes – also resulting for the entry in force of new norms for this sector, updates and the provision of new services as a result of technological innovations – and therefore we ask you to periodically consult this page.