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Insights and expertise on bleeding disorders, from the EAHAD podcast.

Welcome to the EAHAD Podcast, your go-to source for the latest updates and insights on bleeding disorders, with which, we aim to provide our listeners with valuable information and resources that can help enhance the level of care for our community. Our podcast features interviews with leading hematologists, researchers, and patient advocates, who share their knowledge and experience on a range of topics related to bleeding disorders covering a wide range of topics, including diagnosis and treatment options, advances in research, and tips for living with a bleeding disorder. Tune in to our podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast, to stay up-to-date with the latest news and insights on bleeding disorders.

Latest Podcasts

E-Learning Insights with Prof. Pier Mannuccio Mannucci: Innovations in Haemophilia Treatment, 50 Years of Progress and Beyond

Listening time: 27 min 25 sec

In this podcast, we delve into the remarkable 50-year evolution of haemophilia care, as chronicled in Professor Mannucci’s groundbreaking article published in JTH. We’ll travel through time, exploring the distant and recent past, and casting our eyes toward the future of haemophilia treatment.

Join us on this extraordinary expedition through the world of haemophilia care.

Episode 4: Module 3 on von Willebrand disease

Listening time: 21 min 10 sec

E-learning Module 4 on von Willebrand disease with Luciano Baronciani and Omid Seidizadeh focuses on the diagnosis of this complex bleeding disorder. The module provides an update on the current literature regarding von Willebrand disease and covers various aspects of diagnosis, including laboratory testing, and differential diagnosis. Through this module, learners will gain a better understanding of the challenges involved in diagnosing von Willebrand disease and the importance of accurate diagnosis for the effective management of patients with this disorder.

Episode 3: Module 3 on Factor VIII (FVIII) inhibitors during non-replacement therapy

Listening time: 15 min
Welcome to E-Learning module 3 on Factor VIII (FVIII) inhibitors during non-replacement therapy. Our speakers Jan Astermark And Christoph Königs will be sharing valuable insights into the pathophysiology of FVIII inhibitors, factors contributing to their development, and strategies to manage patients with FVIII inhibitors during non-replacement therapy. Learn more and watch the full module on EAHAD Academy