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EAHAD E-Learning Working Group formed

We are delighted to announce that in March 2022, a new EAHAD Working Group was formed and had its first meeting. Our E-Learning Working Group will strive to contribute to the training of young physicians and offer a high quality continuous education programme to experienced haematologists and pathologists, who manage patients with bleeding disorders, by producing a variety of online educational materials and items.
Its goals are:
-Deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the management of pathologies at risk of bleeding.
-Acquire and master knowledge on procoagulant treatment strategies.
-Provide practical training to better understand the problems related to haemostasis pathologies through interactive teaching in the form of clinical cases, MOOCs, and educational games.
-Encourage the development of research in the field of haemorrhagic pathologies.
The members of the Working Group are Prof. Yesim Dargaud (Chair), France; Prof. Cedric Hermans (Vice Chair), Belgium, Prof. Cihan Ay, Austria, Dr Roberta Gualtierotti, Italy; Dr Dan Hart, UK; Prof. Pål André Holme, Norway; Dr Robert Klamroth, Germany; Dr Christoph Königs, Germany; Prof. Jerzy Windyga, Poland; Dr Víctor Jiménez-Yuste, Spain.