In the spotlight

EAHAD at “Women and Bleeding Disorders” EHC Round Table

On 19 June, EAHAD participated in the Round Table of Stakeholders on “Women and Bleeding Disorders”. Organised by the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC), the event took place in the European Parliament in Brussels. Members of the European Parliament from different political groups also participated in the event, with Jana Žitňanská, MEP, chairing the Round Table.


During the Round Table, participants had the opportunity to learn about the findings from the EHC’s 2017 survey on women and rare bleeding disorders in Europe. This was followed by presentations and discussions on the different challenges faced by women with rare bleeding disorders, focusing on issues like access to diagnosis, genetic counselling, treatment and care as well as social support. Haemophilia healthcare professionals made enlightening contributions during the discussions, exchanged ideas and knowledge, while at the same time recognising the need to do more to tackle the unmet needs of women with rare bleeding disorders.


With a combination of high-level scientific contributions and poignant patient testimonials, the Round Table of Stakeholders on “Women and Bleeding Disorders” was a great opportunity to shed light on the crucial issue of the under-representation of women within the rare bleeding disorders community.


You can find the programme of the event here