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EAHAD Statement of Solidarity with Ukraine

The European Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders is deeply concerned about the terrible situation in Ukraine, the killing, suffering and displacement of civilians and the devastation of many of the country’s cities. With healthcare professionals and patients being impacted by the war, EAHAD expresses its solidarity and support with the Ukrainian haemophilia community.
Members of our committees and working groups are already involved in a national level with providing support to Ukrainian haemophilia and bleeding disorders patients and it is expected that they will become more and more involved as time goes by and peace is not restored.
People with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders leaving the country can find the nearest five haemophilia centres to any address in Europe on the HC locator website (
EAHAD will strive to provide assistance to Ukrainian haemophilia healthcare providers and patients, working together with our Ukrainian colleagues and the patient community.
We sincerely hope that the war will soon stop and the plight of the Ukrainian people will end.