In the spotlight

Report from the 2020 HCPA Annual General Meeting

By Paul McLaughlin, EAHAD Physiotherapists Committee Vice-Chair
The 14th annual general meeting of the UK Haemophilia Chartered Physiotherapists Association (HCPA) was held on 5 and 6 March 2020.
The association, first established by four therapists in 1990, was a way of exchanging ideas and offering peer support to those working with congenital bleeding disorders. Over the years, HCPA has developed and grown to have a regular membership of over 40 clinicians. The association’s constitution is based on peer support, clinical excellence and high-quality research, and the annual general meeting helps provide these principles and more for the members.
The theme of this year’s meeting was “meaningful clinical practice” with focus on joint health, pain, and person-centred care. Day 1 saw the group discussing qualitative research methodologies and how they could be applied to individual research projects. Then, case study presentations led the way to an interactive and thought-provoking evening keynote lecture by Karen Turner on the “What matters to you?” movement in healthcare. This set the scene for Day 2.
The second day was packed with excellent presentations from a wide range of UK experts working in and around haemophilia care and research practice affiliated to haemophilia. Lectures included an overview of MSK radiology in haemophilia, an update on UK based research on ankle bleeds and arthropathy development, and a fascinating presentation by a medical engineer on the modelling of joint damage in haemophilia. A free paper session then followed, involving HCPA members presenting their own research activities. The Brenda Buzzard award for best paper was awarded to Stephanie Taylor (Physiotherapist at Oxford CCC) for her work on mobility, balance and falls in men with haemophilia. The afternoon session focussed on pain assessment and management, with the day drawing to a close with the participants attending a mindfulness session with clinical psychologist Dr Sarah Walker.
The annual provision of peer support, education, professional development, and research support continues to be a successful model. HCPA is keen to strengthen links with EAHAD as well as the UK haemophilia society in developing clinical care provision that is person centred and academically relevant. EAHAD 2021 in Manchester will give local clinicians a chance to showcase care models in the UK.
For further information on HCPA and its activities, please contact the group’s Chairperson Anna Wells at