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The EAHAD Coagulation Factor Databases – now at a new location

By Christopher Ludlam, Chairman, and Geoffrey Kemball-Cook, Secretary, EAHAD-DB Coagulation Factor Variant Database Steering Group


The EAHAD Coagulation Factor Databases have recently been enhanced with new features and a greatly increased number of listed variants. The databases are now hosted at a new address and you are encouraged to visit the site and review the variant lists, clinical information, and a host of additional information about the individual clotting factors, including comprehensive references and graphic display on molecular models of the site of variants.


The Database Steering Group has provided access free of charge to locus-specific web databases for coagulation factor deficiencies in FVII, FVIII, FIX and VWF since 2014, following a long history of curation and development of these web databases since the early 1990s.


In order to guarantee the future of these resources to the clinical and research communities, the Steering Group have brought the websites directly under the EAHAD domain, with hosting and expert technical support provided by MDSAS (who host the main EAHAD website). This move facilitates further improvements in website function while securing the continuing addition by EAHAD database curators of more cases from published and unpublished reports around the world.


Please visit the new website and bookmark the new homepage for all EAHAD Coagulation Factor DBs:


In addition, the updated FVII, FVIII, FIX and VWF databases are available individually at the following URLs:




All four DBs are being mirrored using the LOVD format under the Human Variome Project. Links to LOVD versions are available from each database homepage.


We welcome any comments and feedback to