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Physio Pre-Congress Day Sessions at EAHAD 2020

We welcome you to join us on 4 February for the 2020 edition of the EAHAD Multidisciplinary Pre-Congress Day.


The day will kick off with a joint session delving into the care of patients with rare bleeding disorders in The Netherlands, showcasing the perspective of the physiotherapist, the nurse and the psychosocial worker. Chaired by outgoing Physiotherapists Committee member, Piet de Kleijn, the session will have the form of a panel discussion on the differences, opportunities and challenges of the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary care. The physio perspective will be given by EAHAD European Physiotherapists Network Coordinator, Merel Timmer.


The dedicated physiotherapists sessions will start at 14:00 with a presentation by Dr Lize van Vulpen on “Differentiating between osteoarthritis and haemophilic arthropathy”, followed by a presentation by Melanie Bladen on “Establishing a joint injection clinic – perspectives of the physiotherapist”. The first session will conclude with another presentation by Dr van Vulpen on the “Clinical implications of early detection of haemophilic arthropathy”.


We decided to switch things up for our second session, starting at 15:30. For the first time, we are going to have our very own “SLAM”-inspired session. Split into two parts, we will start with five 10-minute Free Paper presentations, followed by five 5-minute Case Study presentations. The session aims to give the opportunity to fellow physiotherapists to highlight important issues about their profession.


Maybe saving the best for last, we will close our 2020 sessions with three hot topic debates. Is ultrasound really helpful in clinical consultation or is it a trend? Should haemophilia patients attend physiotherapy sessions in their own HTC? Manual therapy VS self-rehabilitation; which is better? Be prepared for some “heated” back-and-forth. Rest assured, chair Paul McLaughlin will not let things get too explosive.


Finally, at 19:00, all three disciplines will come together for a fully upgraded networking reception dinner. Colleagues will get the opportunity to share their impressions of what will surely be a Pre-Congress Day worth discussing about.


For more information on the Multidisciplinary Pre-Congress Day and to register (if you have not done so already!) visit: Please note that physiotherapists benefit from significant reductions in registration fees and can choose to register only for the Pre-Congress Day or combine the Pre-Congress Day with registration to the Congress from 5-7 February.