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EAHAD Physiotherapists Committee survey published in Haemophilia

In March 2019, “Scope of practice of haemophilia physiotherapists: A European survey” was published in Haemophilia. Developed by the EAHAD Physiotherapists Committee in 2018, the web‐based survey was conducted with the aim to quantify the role and scope of practice of physiotherapists involved in haemophilia care. It included questions concerning work practices, assessment and treatment activities, and level of autonomy.


Eighty physiotherapists from twenty‐four European countries replied to the survey. Their responses showed a considerable diversity regarding physiotherapists’ roles, responsibilities, and clinical practice from one country to the next. The heterogeneity was particularly evident in patients’ access to physiotherapy services and the type of physiotherapy treatment provided. There was also variability in physiotherapists’ well skill set and autonomy to make independent assessments and treatment decisions.


Access to the article is free. It can be consulted and downloaded here.