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2024 EAHAD Research Grants cycle now open

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2024 EAHAD Research Grants cycle now open

We are very happy to announce that the 2024 EAHAD Research Grants cycle is now open.

The EAHAD Research Grant Awards have been initiated with an aim to foster pre-clinical and clinical research collaborations in Europe and support scientific projects with the objective of improving the care of patients with inherited and acquired bleeding disorders.

In 2024, EAHAD will award up to four grants. Up to two grants will be given to allied health professionals and up to two grants will be given to young physicians under the age of 35. The grants awarded to allied health professionals will be up to €25,000 each. The grants awarded to young physicians will be up to €40,000. The research projects may take up to two years to complete; however, the total grant amount of each grant will not exceed the amounts mentioned above.

Applicants must be working in the field of inherited and acquired bleeding disorders in Europe. Applicants may seek external funding in addition to funding provided by EAHAD, but the support provided from other sources, including industry, should be clearly disclosed in the application. Pharmaceutical industry employees are not eligible.

For the second time this year, EAHAD will also award up to three Training Fellow Grants. Each grant will be up to €10,000. The Training Fellow Grants will provide financial support for travel, accommodation and living expenses for a fellowship period of up to three (3) months.

The deadline for both the Research Grants and the Training Fellow Grants is 15 April 2024 at 23:59 CET.

You can consult the Research Grants guidelines here

You can consult the Training Fellow Grants guidelines here

You can download the Research Grants application form here